Monday, May 11, 2009

Underside of Fern Leaf

Oh god oh god........ this photo of the underside of a fern leaf with seeds on it is just so disgusting. So many fern leaves disgust me and give me the goosebumps because of the seeds on the underside that are often black and in clusters, but this particular one is reaaaaaally uneven and bumpy and leaves me feeling like I've suddenly developed a rather bad rash all over my body!!!!

You need to click on the photo to open in up to get the full effect.

Scary Scale: 9/10 (ooooooo - pretty gross.....)

Honeydew Melon - Seeds

Alright, is there anybody who can tell me that the seeds inside of a honey dew melon aren't disgusting.... just look at the way the seeds are all clumped inside it!!!!!
Scary Scale : 2/10

Honeycomb - Crunchie Bar

A chocolate Crunchie bar - yummmmy, right? Wrrroooongg!!! Eeeew, this photo of a Crunchie chocolate bar is similar to the Milk Crust below - all those zillions of holes close up makes a creepy picture!!!!

Scary Scale : 3/10 (well, I still love chocolate!!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Milk Crust

It was only after I met my fiance who had a penchant for Lattes in the mornings that I realised this particular one.

Every morning, he would heat the milk up in a small non-stick saucepan before pouring it into the espresso to make beautiful foamy lattes.

One morning, I decided that I would surprise him by taking over this task. So I heated up the milk to a boil, and poured it into two mugs. It was at that moment that I noticed that, there, at the bottom of the non-stick pan was a thin layer of crust formed by the slightly burnt milk. Now, to some, this actually might be something that they might consider popping into their mouths to savour.

But observing it very closely, it started to give me the creeps and I didn't quite understand why. (This was, of course, before I realised it was linked to my other phobia of the sesame seeds and holes in things)....

The photo here is downloaded, so it isn't really exactly the same thing. However, if you can imagine the frothing nozzle on a capuccino machine, and the milk that dries up in a thin milk crust on it if it isn't cleaned properly, then that is what I am talking about.

When it came to washing up, and I had to peel this layer off the bottom of the pan - holes and all, I really wanted to SCREEEAM and I could feel my eyes start to water.

When I think about it, its really hilarious, but it felt SO good to throw it into the bin.

Scary scale : 8/10 (all those tiny hooooooles.....!!!)

"Lord of War starring Nicholas Cage" poster

The "Lord of War" film must have just come out on DVD, and this is the poster that has been on walls of music stores all over Hong Kong. Recently, when I have entered music stores, I immediately think of where this DVD might be in the store and plan my route so that I can avoid having the unpleasant encounter of coming face-to-face with it.

Whenever, I see this picture of Nicholas Cage with the clusters of whatever those things are all over his face and skin, it creeps me out to no end. You'll need to click on it to open it in full screen mode to see what I mean.

I find it difficult to look at this poster, without feeling physically faint and like I want to jump out of my own skin. I'm not even sure what those little things are, I think they're supposed to be bullets or something.... but for those with trypophobia this is just the worst poster ever.

The only way I can describe how bad this poster makes me feel, is that if I was forced to choose between staring at this poster for more than three minutes or having bamboo shoved under my finger nails, I would have to choose the latter.

Scary Scale : Off the charts!!!


I'm generally a big fan of eating beans - I like lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, green or black beans - I have even gone through a rather addictive phase of "Natto" (Japanese fermented beans which you buy pre-packed and pre-fermented).

So I don't actually find Beans disgusting to think about or to touch or even to eat. Usually, I can run my fingers through beans when I'm washing them and can cook them with no problem at all.

However, this photo on the left does make me feel uncomfortable.... and especially when I zoom in on it - click on it to open a larger picture of it, to see what I mean. Yeeeeeek....!

What is it???? If I had to describe it, I would say "Its just all those little round things!!! Clustered together like they're... I don't know, collaborating or something...!!"

To be honest, any moment I expect the whole cluster to start moving together in a group and that would reaaally freak me out.

If I had to, however, compare this photo of beans to the one of the sesame seeds, the latter is much muuuuuch worse. The shape of the sesames and how they have, like a tip at one end... eeerrrrrrghhhhh...

Scary Scale : 5/10

Sesame Seeds

In theory, there is really nothing wrong or scary about sesame seeds.

In fact, I note that sesame seeds individually do not scare me, for example, if they are sprinkled into a salad or spread out at a distance apart on the top of a cracker or bun, then that seems to be alright.

However, if they are very closely clumped together, like on top of deep fried prawn toast or sesame cracker then it starts to get very "disturbing" for me. For example, this photo truly makes the hairs on my arms stand up.

To find this photo, I had to google "Sesame Seeds+photo" and the results that came back (mostly from grain supplier websites with lots of close-ups), made me feel faint!!!

Recently, I was buying bagels from the supermarket, and I had choices of blueberry, sesame or plain. I noticed that the sesame bagels were sprinkled with sesame seeds, but they were a little closer together than I felt comfortable with, so I bought the plain ones. :-)

Scary Scale : 9/10

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ryvita Crispbread

Recently, I was having a Ryvita (a wholegrain crispbread), and in the past I never really noticed it, but one side of the Ryvita cracker has a large amount of grains clustered together to form the base and once I noticed it, I couldn't bear to look at it, as it just made me feel terribly uncomfortable and it made my skin crawl.

In fact, I found it so gross that I showed my boyfriend to see whether he thought the same, and I actually screeched as I was taking it out of the packet to show him. He just thought it was weird of course.

So I ended up having to flip it over, and with the toppings on top I could eat it. :-)

I guess the extent of the phobia is not so severe such that I cannot touch the item, its more just that if I stare at the cluster for a long time, I just feel icky.